David Iscoe

I can be hired for a variety of jobs, most of which I believe I would do very well. I have a deep set of work experiences, which can be arranged into various resumes to make my experience seem optimal for different jobs.

If you're interested in hiring me, contact me by email, let me know what the job is, and we'll see if I'm a good candidate.

If you want to know how I did at the previous jobs, I can put you in touch with my old bosses and co-workers.

    Current Work
  • Comedy teacher, coach, and director (freelance)

    I organize and teach my own comedy-writing classes (see "classes" page) and coach and direct sketch comedy groups and writers.

  • Comedy writer and performer

    I write and perform sketch comedy with my group Blizzard of '96, and also book and promote shows for them. I do improv with another group and standup on my own.

    I write and contribute text various places (see writing page) some of which pay me.

    Past Work
  • Writing

    I wrote for a bunch of campus publications, a local D.C. newspaper, and, most notably, The Onion.

  • Office droneship

    My most recent full-time job was at a title insurance agency. I started as an assistant and worked my way into the quality control department, which became a catchall for a variety of weird tasks, some interesting. I also started an underground newsletter, pushed for more employee opportunities, and helped out on some company-wide projects, before quitting to focus on comedy.

  • Emergency medical services

    I worked as an EMT handling home transports and medical emergencies all across the five boroughs for about nine months before I got a full-time gig as a staff writer for Onion SportsDome. It was fascinating and exciting, but emotionally draining.

  • Retail (selling camping gear)

    My first job was at a gear store in D.C.. I loved having a real job, and learning how commerce works. I'm also really into hiking and camping, so it was good to talk about that stuff with customers.

    Unrelated Skills
  • Web Design

    I built this site from scratch, as well as the Blizzard of '96 website. I'm self-teaching as I go.

  • Programming

    I've learned a lot of object-oriented stuff and and framework stuff, and have had fun building cool things in test environments.

  • Wilson High School

    The biggest public school in D.C.. I learned a lot about social interaction, the structure of authority, doing things on your own, and turning boredom into creativity. Also had some good formal education there, and at Alice Deal JHS. Shout-outs to Hughes, Mostoller, Benjamin, Siebens, Sonnabend, Jeffers, et al.

  • Columbia University

    College in New York. I generally learned more of the same. I had a few great classes, but got most of my education from observing the environment and debating with friends, and most of my valuable experience through working on student publications. I ended up with a history degree.