A Small Sample of Things I've Done, Mostly Comedy

Audio Links

Standup (crowd work) at the Pine Box Rock Shop
Roast of "Peculiar Streams" participants at Jimmy's no. 43

Video Links

A performance piece called "Fuck Everything"
Standup (written) at the Underground Lounge
part 1, part 2, and part 3 of a play I wrote in a few hours for the "Egg & Peacock" festival at Columbia.
A video I wrote for The Onion Sportsdome where, unusually, I was named and credited, to my benefit (see explanation)

External Web Links

Making Sense of the News: The Man Killed on the Subway and the New York Post. This is one of the most interesting things I tried to do, and it never really came together. But I think the failure still had a lot of value, and I'd like to try this again.
The Comedy: An Earnest Look at Irony Something on a movie I really liked and a lot of people hated. I was mad that they hated it. Published in Ballast.

Pendulous Breasts Quarterly (PBQ)

A short humor zine published by John Harris (see his reddit AMA here)
A short piece called "The Hurricane"
Submissions that did not make it into the most recent issue (those that did make it will be released later).

Jester of Columbia

A quarterly campus humor magazine, restarted from scratch by a group of us led by my friend Sam West. A few selections below.
Police Tricks, a simple solid one
Letter to the Editor, a reference joke that I like because I like the reference.
Compassion Over Killing v. United Egg Producers, a pretty rough read that I like because I got to overindulge in the use of bad puns.
La Tragedie des Chiens, a very simple one that I liked a lot.
Editaurus from the "Green" Issue. The Editaurus feature was fun and easy because it was about being a dick and being pedantic.
Interview With Biology Whiz "Bruce Poulter", a fun shaggy-dog story with an Eric Foner joke.

Things I Am ~Currently Working On

Wisdom to the Mighty: an improv team I'm on. We don't practice or warm up.
Improvised-Structure Improv: an attempt to define and articulate an alternate view of improv, with near-zero knowledge of improv history but with enough of insider view to be irrelevant to outsiders. The worst of all worlds! (For improv insiders: this is less rigid than standard UCB-style, but more stucturally-focused than Chicago style.)
Freight, another improv team.
Blizzard of '96: a sketch team I'm on.
My other blog: more pop-culture, more timely, more links, more traditional "blog" style, more convenient modern features.
Plenty more writing projects, a few coding projects. You'll see if it comes to something.
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