Recent Goings-On

April 2017: I've Written Six TV Pilots

Over the couple months, I've been cranking out a lot of TV pilots to learn the form. Did one a week, six weeks in a row. Some are still in first draft form, others I'm updating more.

January 2017: We Did A Sort of Fun, Sort of Depressing UCB Sketch Cram

Sketch Cram is a fun show that I've done many times, sometimes as a writer, sometimes as a writer/actor, and sometimes as a writer/director. People come in in the morning with ideas to pitch, write and revise them in the afternoon, and then actors come in in the evening to rehearse the brand new sketches, and the whole thing goes up at midnight.

I signed up to direct and write on January 21st, the day after the inauguration. I was a little bummed to not be there at the marches, because I felt like direct action was better than comedy at the moment. But the show turned out well. I wrote seven sketches, six funny and one poignant, and we used the poignant one and have the other ones in my pocket. A lot of other writers had good funny ones and I helped direct. It ended up being a good experience.

November 2016: Our 30-Minute Election TV Special Aired On Fusion

We wrote a half-hour TV special. Our team put together a "photo retrospective" of the election cycle to air a couple weeks before the main event. You can watch it here on Fusion

July 2016: We Did A Few New Things To Cover The Conventions

For the RNC and DNC, we did two new video things the Onion's never done before.

The first one: fake speeches, parallel to the actual speeches. We wrote and shot these ahead of time, but captured the background and crowd from the convention to make them look real. The point isn't to trick people, but to give them an experience that feels real. Here's a scary one and here's a goofy one


The second new thing: using real convention footage, overlaid with jokes in the format of a calbe news show. We did this live-to-tape for complete speeches each night, but in case you don't want to watch 45 minutes of coverage here's a "cutdown" as an example of the style.

June 2016: I Started as Senior Staff Writer At The Onion

I'm back at The Onion in a really fun job with a cool team. We're going to be doing a combination of short, topical, online video and longer TV development stuff.

April 2016: I'm Writing Scraps of Fiction

For 24 straight days, I wrote at least one hour of fiction—with a different story evey day, finished or otherwise. Some stories I liked more than other, but I always like the process, and hope this builds toward something bigger.

March 2016: I'm Teaching Myself Some More Programming

I did the first 60 problems of Project Euler, all in Ruby—plus a couple others, including one where I created a simulated Monopoly board.

March 2016: My Show is Getting a 'Triple Feature' at the Annoyance Theater

I wrote a 40-minute play called "Buttright Assrael"—about an unreleased, blasphemous porno script, which is itself a parody of the Birthright Israel program. It has an interactive component with audience members. It's a crazy show, and should be really fun.