But What Have You Done Lately?

Evergreen: Fiction Writing

I'm always developing my own work, but lately have been concentrating more on fiction writing, a longtime passion. This will be a constant development in between other interests in a busy life, but the balance right now feels good and healthy.

Evergreen: Comedy Coaching and Speechwriting

I help coach comedy writers, and, more recently, "civilians," on making their work funnier and more engaging. My rates are relatively high for private clients but I also will cut discounts for people trying to make it, because I've been there. Let's talk!

April 2018-present: Tutoring and College Guidance

I've started working as a tutor, classroom SAT teacher, and college guidance specialist for NYC public school for a DOE vendor. I find the work very rewarding, and the flexibility gives me time to work on various projects

April-May 2018: Created and Taught a New Satire Writing Class

I developed the curriculum for a new six-week satire writing course and taught it at People's Improve Theater. I hope to do more things like this in the future.

July 2017-November 2018: New York State Senate strategizing

I do a lot of local activism in NYC, but my focus for this time period was on working with grassroots organizers to rally support for Democratic challengers to Republicans in the NY State Senate, in order to assemble a majority for a wide range of progressive measures.

February 2017-present: Writing Original TV Pilot Scripts

I've written several (seven at last count) pilot scripts for original TV shows this year, working on mastering the form and developing some exciting ideas for new shows. A few are available as samples - others are still in first draft form.