But What Have You Done Lately?

February 2017-present: Writing Original TV Pilot Scripts

I've written several (seven at last count) pilot scripts for original TV shows this year, working on mastering the form and developing some exciting ideas for new shows. A few are available as samples - others are still in first draft form.

July-November 2017: Campaigning, Voter Guides, Poll Work, and General Civic Engagement

I'm getting increasingly involved in state and local politics in New York, with a big focus on getting people more engaged and better represented in elections and within the Democratic party structure. After doing some writing, data compilation, advocacy, and canvassing, I worked at the polls on election day, combining my interest in civic engagement with my basic human desire to get money.

September-November 2017: Writing/Consulting for a Developing Sports Comedy TV Pilot

I can talk more about this later, but I'm helping with the development of a half-hour, topical sports comedy show.

August-September 2017: Temped at Penguin Random House

I helped complete the "metadata cleanup project" for the book publishing giant, writing and revising author bios and book descriptions while also organizing BISAC codes and title, subtitle, and series data and putting together a presentation on how (and why) to include contributors in the book info. It was an interesting look at the publishing industry, and good writing experience.

January 2017: Directed A Sort of Fun, Sort of Depressing "UCB Sketch Cram"

"Sketch Cram" is a fun show that I've done many times, sometimes as a writer, sometimes as a writer/actor, and sometimes as a writer/director. People come in in the morning with ideas to pitch, write and revise them in the afternoon, and then actors come in in the evening to rehearse the brand new sketches, and the whole thing goes up at midnight.

I signed up to direct and write on January 21st, the day after the inauguration. I was a little bummed to not be there at the marches, because I felt like direct action was better than comedy at the moment. But the show turned out well. I wrote seven sketches, six funny and one poignant, and we used the most serious one but had a lot of more comically-oriented scripts from other writers.

November 2016: Our 30-Minute Election TV Special Aired On Fusion

We wrote a half-hour TV special. Our team put together a "photo retrospective" of the election cycle to air a couple weeks before the main event. You can watch it here on Fusion.