I've written TV scripts, web video, stage sketches, one-act plays, newspaper articles, critical essays, short stories, and jokes. Lots of them have been published. Some have been performed once to small audience to raucous applause but then never followed up on because that seemed like a hassle. Here's a small selection of my work:

  • "Athlete Overcomes Rape"

    Written for The Onion SportsDome. (link here)

  • "The Hurricane"

    Written for PBQ, issue 1. (link here)

  • "Don't Forget to Smile"

    Written for PBQ issue 2. (link here)

    Organizations Where I've Written
  • The Onion (video)
    (link here)

    A satirical news organization I've done a lot of work for over eight years.

    I've been:
    A staff writer on a TV show (The Onion SportsDome)
    Head writer and director of a web series (GOOMF)
    A TV development writer for various projects
    A script and contributing writer for web and TV versions of The Onion News Network
    and, most recently, senior staff writer for Onion Studios during the 2016 election cycle through the inauguration.

    Over this last stint, we did a lot of work I'm really proud of, including a TV special, a short-and-easy web series, and some innovative live political coverage.

    Here's me explaining some of our process to Fast Company.

  • Genius.com
    (link here)

    A web company, focused on music, where I worked full time as a writer and editor. I helped lead the writing team for "Behind the Lyrics," a collaborative project with Spotify, and also worked on a few other projects.

  • Clickhole
    (link here)

    A surrealist humor website at which I contributed headlines (but nothing more than that).

  • Funny or Die
    (a href="https://www.funnyordie.com/">link here)

    A broad-ranging comedy site, where I wrote a recurring column called "David Has Been Thinking" and also contributed one-liner jokes.

  • Blizzard of '96
    (link here)

    A New York City sketch comedy group for which I wrote and performed frequently.

  • Health Care Daily (2017)
    (link here)

    A newsletter covering daily developments in the 2017 political fight to save health care. I sent this to a small group of activists and interested regular folks, and learned a lot in the process.

  • David Iscoe newsletter
    (link here)

    A mix of humor, political commentary, and personal updates, in a variety of tones.